ACE Shootout

This event provides teams an opportunity to test their racecars beyond the environment of their design studios. The variety of equipment available to test aerodynamic, thermal, and suspension systems allows teams to invest a few hours in ACE to find a few seconds on the track. Please fill out the date survey below so we can finalize the dates of the event. Additional details about ACE can be downloaded here!

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The ACE research and testing facility offers chambers and technology for climatic, structural durability and life-cycle testing. Facilities include one of the largest and most sophisticated climatic wind tunnels (CWT) on the planet. In the CWT, wind speeds can reach 300 kilometres per hour with temperatures that range from -40 to +60°C. With our solar arrays and storm generators we can create any weather conditions imaginable, from sweltering jungle downpours to the paralyzing cold of an arctic storm. We use these chambers to test automotive and aerospace products, to improve the performance of elite athletes and to provide services to many other markets, including the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle industry, film and television, and motorsports.